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Message to New Users

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:03 pm
by admin

Thank you for joining this forum! I truly hope you can get some satisfaction from this site by either possibly easing your anxiety symptoms through getting reassurance from others going through the same thing, or by helping others in their journey.

Unfortunately I require that your first post be approved by a moderator just because I want to make sure you are not a bot, troll, or someone that is clearly not adhering to our forum rules. This site is to build people up not cut them down. Any language that falls under the criteria of hate speech by any user will be immediately banned.

at the moment images are not allowed to be posted because our team is currently understaffed and would be unable to filter any inappropriate images. This will most likely change as we move forward because I understand the value of being able to post an image about something you may be referring to in a post. However, as of right now, images are disabled.

Thank you,